Trips to Earth
Tripstoearth.com will be a prominent “go to” website for Travelers who want to explore and book unique X Factor Destinations that are enhancing the Planet and contributing towards a Sustainable future.

Exposure to a Growing Global Market

As a selected landing, you will receive your own launch pad and blog platform to promote your X factor destination.

Tripstoearth.com will regularly update unique, creative and relevant content. Our dedicated team are constantly collecting and analyzing our data in order for us to create the best product possible. Our platforms include:

  • Social Media Intergration and Marketing through print and digital platforms
  • The Tripstoearth.com app
  • High rankings via search engines
  • Your own "news" section within our platform
  • Always unique and creative content

Stellar Selected Landings

Destinations and Experiences that are featured on Tripstoearth.com are hand-picked by our panel of experts or mission controllers if you prefer.

The Credible and transparent key criteria by which our Landings are selected:

  • X factor or USP
  • Effective Sustainable planning and management
  • Maximising Socio-economic impacts and benefits for the local community
  • Enhancing Cultural heritage and impacts
  • Environmental impacts, including consumption of resources, reducing pollution and negative impacts to the environment.

Orbiting to give Back

You call it giving back, we call it ‘Orbiting’ because we all know that what goes around comes around (again and again and again).

In creating an ecosystem that brings like-minded people together we want to drive sustainable travel, promote out of this world experiences and give back to the people who share the planet with us.

Sustainable Tourism on the Rise

Consumer demand is growing, travel industry suppliers are developing new green programs and governments are creating new policies to encourage Sustainable practices in tourism.

The global tourism industry has reached an unprecedented level of demand. Tourism is one of the world's fastest-growing industries. Yet while the positives are often widely broadcast – tourism currently accounts for 9% of world GDP, $1.3tn in exports and 6% of world trade, as well as bringing economic benefits to local communities and encouraging greater global connectivity – the negatives are less likely to be discussed, including greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste management.
Stats provided by: MindClick SGM and Expedia.com®

Why Landings should adopt Sustainability practices

Having Sustainable business practices doesn’t only translate into making the world a better place, it also builds reputation and brand image and it leads to profits that don’t cost the Earth to make.

Stats show that the travel and tourism industries contribute 10.2% of global GDP or for one in every 10 jobs worldwide. At present Sustainable tourism is part of that and is increasingly on the rise.

Sustainable tourism practices will:

  • Reduce long-term costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Benefit local communities and the environment
  • Protect the resources on which your business depends
  • Differentiate your business from others and enhance you brand.

Our audience and why they prefer Landings that adopt Sustainable practices

While a lot of people are prepared to sacrifice our long-term future for short-term gains, increasingly more people are becoming aware of what the right thing is and they want to do it well.

Our target audience is not segmented by age but by mind set. TTE showcases destinations offering eco-friendly solutions to travellers who want to help the Earth at the same time as enjoying themselves. At Trips to Earth we want to show travellers the best options, we want to start conversations and we want them to talk about you.
We also listen to feedback and we have the solutions in a turnkey website that advises, rates, books accommodation and facilitates all needs.

World First – Innovative and Creative Content

Tripstoearth.com will provide a global snap shot of the travel industry that promotes Planet Earth - with the innovative, creative angle that all clients are from Other Planets and should they wish to travel to Planet Earth, these are the Landings they should experience.

Recently added Landings


Capture Africa

A mobile safari in the wild is certainly the most “REAL” experience available to safari enthusiasts.



A luxury eco-reserve close to the Southern tip of Africa tucked between mountains, forest and sea.

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