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Trips to Earth is the global travel portal for eco-travellers and bucket list adventure seekers, wanting to experience spectacular and sustainable destinations and activities.

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Trips to Earth is the Launchpad to all your Dream Travel Experiences and Bucket List Adventures. We promote the Landings that have achieved lift-off in their efforts to improve the world.

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Hand selected Sustainable, X Factor Destinations

Every Landing and Mission is hand-picked according to key criteria… The first and completely non-negotiable qualifier is Sustainability. The second qualifier is the the ability to Dazzle. We recommend and list establishments that will take your breath away…The kind of places you would want a first-time visitor to our planet to experience.

Sustainable & Socially Responsible
Special Offers Direct from our Landings and Missions

Our clients are our priority and we always aim to get them the best deals and pricing possible. We are here to help you get your fix of the world. If you would like to plan a Trip to Earth, we are here to help you planet! After all, what happens on Earth stays on Earth.

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We Plant Trees

At Trips to Earth we are trying to do our bit as well, and aside from showcasing world-class, sustainable destinations we have also undertaken to plant a tree for every booking made through our site that is 5 days or more.

X Factor Destinations
Turnkey Solution & Flight Booking Portal

We realise that it’s best not to fly to be truly sustainable. However this is often unavoidable. Trips To Earth offers a flight booking portal and information to ensure that your flight has way less of an impact and smallest environmental impact as possible.

Sustainable & Socially Responsible
Unique, Interesting Information & Travel tips

We provide interesting and useful information about all the countries in which our Landings are situated as well as unique foods, best times to visit and insider travel tips from the locals.

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