Handmade in Kenya, the people at Kazuri believe that they have a bead available to match your every mood. Just a short drive from the Karen Blixen Museum, Kazuri is well worth a visit - if not to acquire some uniquely African beads or jewellery then to support a fantastic empowerment project. Kazuri, which translates from Swahili to mean 'small and beautiful', was founded in 1975 by a pair of single mothers. They soon realised that there were many more struggling women in the villages around Nairobi who needed regular employment and income. From those humble beginnings Kazuri has grown enormously and now boasts a workforce of over 340 women skilled in the crafting of ceramic beads, strung into beautifully and artistically jewellery.

The pottery is a great place to buy attractive ceramic beads and crockery as gifts to take home. Visitors can also enjoy a tour round the workshop and see all the woman at work.