Trips to Earth

The truth is that travel, done badly, can hurt the planet. Increasingly more destinations are adopting sustainable practices, so you can now enjoy your adventures with a clear conscience.

It might have been okay for ET to spend his time in Drew Barrymore’s cupboard back in the 80’s, but things have changed a lot since then. At the very least we believe that Trips to Earth will help highlight the list of spectacular, sustainable options before it is necessary to ‘phone home’. These are the types of Landings (Resorts) we should all be visiting, the kinds of Missions (Experiences) we should be recommending to our friends and without a doubt the sort of places that we would want to showcase to aliens, in the event that they ever chose to visit our planet.

At Trips to Earth our goal is to help you turn your Mission Impossible into a Mission Compostable (or something along those lines). Your holiday might cost a fair amount of money, but with us, it won’t cost the Earth.

Now let's Start Exploring!