Move across the flood plains in a traditional dugout canoe. This intimate experience sees two guests per canoe poled through the waters by an expert 'poler'. It is a great way to see the delta and to move with stealth and calm into the unknowing presence of birds, reptiles and mammals.

Traditionally the Mokoro was hand carved out of the huge Okavango Delta trees. Now however they are made out of environmentally friendly fibre-glass in an effort to adopt sustainable practices in the region. 

Travelling by Mokoro is an opportunity to see life from a different perspective. Relax as your 'poler' follows routes taken by the river Bushmen and BaYei people for centuries and used to this day by local tribes, who still travel by Mokoro. Encounter grazing herds of rare swamp-dwelling sitatunga and red lechwe antelope, or spot giant elephants as they swim through a network of reeds inhabited by tiny frogs of all colours. It is exhilarating.