For a truly African safari experience, consider Shamwari Game Reserve as your next destination. Not only do we offer unforgettable views and 5-star luxury accommodation, but we also have a host of activities available, including bird watching.

Flocks in Abundance

This malaria-free area of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, is home to a host of wild game, Big 5, and beautiful birds. Ornithologists and bird watching hobbyists alike are treated to an array of birds of prey sightings, including:


Black Shouldered Kites

Booted Eagles

Pale Chanting Goshawks

Secretary birds

Additionally, Shamwari Game Reserve has several bodies of water located throughout the reserve, which means it’s the ideal opportunity to catch sight of:


African Darters

African Shelducks


Malachite Kingfishers

Three-banded Lapwings

Birds of this region

These are a few special birds that we are privileged to see here. Specialist guides, who know the habits and habitats of these birds, will do their utmost to get you a sighting of these birds in their natural environment.

Olive Bush Shrike (Ruddy form)

White Backed Night Heron

Black Harrier

Denhams Bustard

Narina Trogon

Be Prepared

Whether you set out on a game drive, go on a guided walk or simply watch from your balcony, bird watching is such a relaxing activity. In order to get the most from your safari experience, we highly recommend that you come fully prepared with these items:



Bird reference book

Cameras and lenses

Personal notebook

Warm clothing

Our rangers are experts at navigating the Shamwari terrain and are readily available to answer any questions you may have. If there is a certain species you’re hoping to spot, or an area you wish to visit, chat to your coordinator to make arrangements. We do suggest mentioning any special requests you may have when you make your booking. That way, we can advise you on the ideal time of year to visit, which lodge to stay at, and make any other arrangements that might be needed.

For a bird watching paradise and haven, book your 5-star luxury accommodation at Shamwari Game Reserve.