The demand for wildlife products like rhino horn, elephant ivory, lion bone and pangolin scales has seen poaching of these and other species to levels not seen in decades. For many species the situation is truly dire. The team at Singita are intensely involved in fighting this scourge, doing so on a number of fronts. From traditional methods like anti-poaching units deployed on the ground through to a range of modern technologies that involve things like drones reconnaissance, night vision equipment, domain awareness systems and TrailGuard technology, the Singita team are ensuring the sanctity of the life of the animals under their custodianship.

Make a plan to visit one of the anti-poaching observation posts to see all the technology in action and to hear about the fight against poaching. This is a visit that will highlight the atrocities of poaching and which will go a long way towards making the fight against it a whole lot more real.