The Singita team don't just offer an escape into nature, they offer you the chance to find a meaningful connection with nature, with people and with yourself. A big part of that connection happens at the Spa and Wellness Centre where the team have a finely crafted philosophy and a clear goal about everything they want to do. Their goal is to take personal rejuvenation to a new level. in order to do this they have adopted a holistic and healing approach to treatments that is customised to the needs of each guest. The spa menu has been created to complement the beauty and tranquility of the wilderness, and all treatments incorporate that peace and vibrant energy to revitalise and nourish visitors.  

 All skin care treatments are performed in the comfort of the spa therapy rooms using Dermalogica products. Body treatments such as massage, polishing scrubs and nourishing masks can be enjoyed in the comfort of guest suites, out on a private deck or at the spa.