While game drives are the cornerstone of the safari experience, night drives are the next level of the standard daytime excursion. It is your opportunity to see nocturnal hunters and to explroe worlds that are simply not there to be experienced in the daylight hours.

Night drives at Lake Manyara National Part are particularly spectacular, with the moon reflecting off the lake. Take an early supper and be ready to leave the lodge by 8pm. Thereafter you get to explore the park for approximately three hours with an expert guide will take you through the park’s diverse habitats in search of nocturnal animals and sounds, giving you a completely different perspective of the lake and the Rift Valley Escarpment.

The wild animals in this park are in top notch condition, due to the dependable water supply year round. There is an abundance of elusive animals that are rarely seen in the day, but that are incredibly active at night. Look out for cats like the genets and civets or try to spot one of teh many porcupines.