Awaken your senses and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul with one of the relaxation retreat therapies exclusive to Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. Inspired by surrounding nature and the four elements, our selection of body and beauty treatments cater for both men and women.

Indulge in Serenity

Step into the privacy, luxury, and comfort of our tranquil retreats and let the gentle atmosphere envelop and embrace you.

All of the Relaxation Retreats at our safari lodges are situated within the natural landscapes of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. While the rejuvenating forces of nature cradle you, we deliver a range of world-class treatments and holistic modalities to balance and energise your being.

Our spa safari relaxation retreat lodges each boast two therapy rooms and are available at all of our lodges:

Dwyka Tented Lodge

Gondwana Family Lodge - also equipped with a steam room.

Tilney Manor - also equipped with a steam room and sauna

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Treat yourself

Each lodge offers our signature treatments for tension, stress release, cleansing, relaxation, as well as rejuvenating facial treatments. A choice of massage, beauty, manicure, and pedicure treatments are also available.

When you choose to have a spa treatment, it's important that you read through and understand our “Relaxation Retreat Etiquette”, which is as follows:

Arrive five minutes prior to your treatment time

Please be silent and respect other guests' treatment time

Strictly no nudity

Please inform your therapist if you have any health problems prior to your treatment

Price list is subject to change without prior notice

Please switch off all mobile phones

Should you wish to cancel your appointment, kindly note that three hours notice is required or the full amount will be charged.

Contact us to book your spa and beauty treatment for a rejuvenating indulgence during your stay at Sanbona.