At Reethi Faru we do a lot to aid with and assist in manta ray conservation. Guests who go out on snorkel or dive trips with our dive team are encouraged to capture and share their photographs with our resident marine biologist. This helps us with a photo identification process for the Manta ID project that we have started.

The way that is works is that each manta has unique spots on the underside, the ventral side, which is used to identify the individual. These photos are sent to the Manta Trust, who then provide us with information on that particular individual (for example, sex, small scale movement patterns, migratory patterns etc.). This is our effort to contribute to the larger mission of the Manta Trust to drive global conservation of manta rays and their habitat.

Other conervation work that we do involves coral restoration. Artificial reefs have been deployed to salvage the corals that were damaged by coral bleaching and natural storms. These artificial reefs are accumulated in one place to create the “Reethi Garden” or coral garden. The transplantation process includes collection of broken or damaged (but live) pieces of coral and attaching them to coral frames. 

There is plenty of scope for guests to get involved with our various conservation projects.