North America, Belize

With so much natural beauty and rich wildlife to protect, Belize takes conservation seriously.

How They Dazzle Us

Belize is famous for its natural beauty. From its pristine blue beaches, to the rich barrier reef and surrounding low-lying islands, there is no shortage of natural splendour in Belize. If you fancy yourself a bit of a relic hunter, the jungle areas are home to several ancient Mayan ruins.

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Why We Love Them

Some say Belize is as close to paradise as it gets. You really do feel like you’re tapping into your inner Adam or Eve (or Steve) as you wander through the lush jungle and take in the plethora of indigenous wildlife. Head east and you’re suddenly met by vast shorelines that offer diving experiences rivalling the best in the world. Want to hang out with a few sharks and stingrays? Sure, no problem. Keen on spotting a jaguar in the jungle? Cool, Belize can accommodate.

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Their Sustainable Superpower

With so much natural beauty and rich wildlife to protect, Belize takes conservation seriously. The world’s second largest rainforest covers 60% of the country and is under threat from local industry and dated conservation legislation. The Nature Conservancy is working on improving the local subsistence farming community by increasing education programs on sustainable crop growth and livestock raising. They are also working to conserve the marine life by promoting sustainable seafood practices, helping to the secure the local fishermen livelihoods and conserve marine life.

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Best Time to Visit

The country’s rainy season runs from June to November, so if you don’t mind getting a bit wet, it’s a great time to visit and avoid the tourist crowds. The rainy season also offers up a host of wildlife spotting opportunities that would be less likely during the peak times. If you’d prefer to stay dry and don’t mind a few more faces about, the peak dry season is late November to mid-April. The temperatures are favourable for lazing on the beaches and making the most of the coastal life.

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Unique Foods

The staple meal in Belize is rice and beans, so not ideal for those avoiding carbs. The combo forms the backbone most meals, with stewed meat, grilled seafood or baked plantain occasionally added for flavour and variety. Another common accompaniment is potato salad (shock horror, two carbs in one meal). The proteins are often cooked in gravy and the rice and beans is cooked in coconut milk, making the dishes rich and fragrant.

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Visa Details

Please consult the closest embassy or consulate of Belize

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