Asia, Japan

Japan, an inland country in East Asia, have recently been praised by the conservation community for efforts to save the Iriomote cats.

How They Dazzle Us

In Japanese the country's name means “Land of the Rising Sun” and according to folklore, Japan was the first country to see the sun rise in the East in the morning. Japanese people are known for the precision, efficiency and dedication.

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Why We Love Them

Japan is a proud nation, value the good of the community of that of the individual. Honour, duty and respect are the pillars of this society. This approach is serving the Japanese well as it has the third longest life expectancy in the world with men living to 81 years old and women living to 88 years old. Nearly one quarter of the population is over the age of 65, the highest proportion of elderly in the world.

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Their Sustainable Superpower

Japan is not known for its conservation efforts or propensity for prioritising wildlife, though they have recently been praised by the conservation community for efforts to save the Iriomote cats. Government agencies, non-governmental organisations and local groups are working together to help bring the wildcat population back from the brink, with only about 100 cats remaining.

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Best Time to Visit

If you’re looking to catch the breath-taking cherry blossoms in full bloom, then Japan’s autumn, September to November is the time to visit. The spring, March to May is also pleasant with moderate temperatures.

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Unique Foods

In addition to their social practices, the Japanese diet is a large proponent of their longevity. Fresh fish, steamed rice and leafy greens form a large part of regular meals. Japan is also famous for their Kobe or Wagyu beef, which comes from Kobe in the Tajima region. There are about 250 farms in this region with each farm raising only five cows at a time. Each animal is given a daily massage and fed a very strict diet including sake and beer.

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Visa Details

Please consult the closest embassy or consulate of Japan

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