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The most progressive area of Lebanon in terms of tackling sustainable tourism is the Casa of Aley district who have put policies in place on a local level.

How They Dazzle Us

Many people associate Lebanon with violence and war after the civil war that tore the country apart between 1975 and 1990. There was also the 2006 July War, between Israel and Lebanon. But those wars and troubled times are long past, and Lebanon is now a beautiful country packed with ancient history and ruins and stunning landscapes. It is a land of diversity, both culturally and from a geographical perspective – such is the diversity that you can go skiing in the mountains in the morning and swimming in the Mediterranean in the afternoon.

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Why We Love Them

There is something quite special about watching a nation bounce back from adversity. Lebanon have done this remarkably well and while there is still evidence of the terrible civil war in the landscape, the people now live together happily in an increasingly prosperous and peaceful nation. It is a country where you feel safe and inspired and where there are activities for all interests.

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Their Sustainable Superpower

As it stands there are no government policies in place specifically addressing sustainable tourism. The most progressive area of the country in terms of tackling sustainable tourism is the Casa of Aley district who have put policies in place on a local level.

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Best Time to Visit

The summer months of June, July and August are warm and almost completely rain free, which means that they are popular times for tourists to visit. But they are certainly not the only months and Lebanon’s moderate climate means that it is almost good to visit all year round. Autumn (August to November) and Spring (April and May) are highly recommended due to slightly lower tourist volumes but good weather.

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Unique Foods

Now well known around the world, Hummus is traditionally Lebanese, and it is still eaten here regularly, usually with pita bread, falafels or vegetables. Also look out for Tabbouleh, which is a bulgur wheat salad with onions, tomato and mint. Kibbeh nayyeh is also quite special, it’s a lamb dish where the meat is minced, mixed with spices and eaten raw.

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Visa Details

Please consult the closest embassy or consulate of Lebanon

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