Asia, China

Tourism has increased massively in China to the point where it is now the third most visited country in the world.

How They Dazzle Us

A huge country that will dazzle most western visitors both as a result of its scale and the way it is so different to everything western. The food, the people, the architecture and the overall way of life are all so different and intriguing that it is hard to not be dazzled and amazed.

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Why We Love Them

For those looking to experience something that is completely different to what they know, China is the perfect place to lose yourself and to get immersed in a completely different culture. It is a place where nothing is familiar at all and almost everything is an adventure. And they have Panda Bears! What’s not to love about that?

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Their Sustainable Superpower

Tourism has increased massively in China to the point where it is now the third most visited country in the world. Sadly its focus on attracting tourists has been more zealous than its focus on sustainability and ecotourism. That is not to say that efforts have not been made and the truth is that China boasts more than 2500 nature reserves with close to 15% of the country’s area protected. These areas are heavily marketed internally as good places to go to escape the smog and pollution of the cities. Sadly despite there being legislation in place to look after the environment they are often not very well enforced.

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Best Time to Visit

Despite being big and varied, experts say that the best time to make the trip to China is in September and October. It is at this time of year that temperatures in most parts of the country are comfortable.

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Unique Foods

The Chinese are famous for eating some of the craziest things ever. While most tourists will know the standard items from local Chinese restaurants, actually eating in China is a real experience with insects, small mammals and items with grizzly sounding names littering menus. Look out for things like beggars chicken, stinky tofu and preserved egg which are all touted as delicacies despite the dodgy sounding names. If you are feeling adventurous you can always try the fried bee pupae or Yóu zhá fēng yǒng, which is widely eaten and enjoyed for its nutrition. Less common but more noteworthy are things like spider, black beetle, centipede, scorpion and grasshopper, all of which are fried and eaten!

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Visa Details

Please consult the closest embassy or consulate of China

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