Earth is a truly amazing planet. In terms of a place to visit (or to live for that matter), it has something for everyone. There is history and culture, nature and geography, activities and adventure. It is very hard to go wrong, and yes, the words strange and amazing really do come to mind. But any trip to earth needs to be planned and thought through because travel is not without its repercussions. First up, you will want to make sure that your holiday activities have a positive impact on the planet – ecotourism is a growing focus as people slowly switch on to the reality that the environment is being destroyed. Secondly, you may well want to look at planning a trip to see or experience something that might not be around in a decade or two. Such is the voracious pace at which humans are destroying their planet that much of what is considered incredible today might be wiped out within a generation. With that in mind, here are three fantastic places to consider visiting when next you plan a Trip To Earth.

The place of almost everything

If you are looking for a single destination that offers everything, then Tanzania could be the country for you. From the soaring peaks of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa to the vast plains that team with game, at places like Ngorogoro Crater and Lake Manyara. There is also the incredible Stone Town and the beaches and tropical paradise that is Zanzibar.

Tanzania is warm and tropical and life there happens at a leisurely pace. It is as if the people know that there is more to living than work. Even if you don't climb it, enjoy the site of Kilimanjaro, the snow- and ice-covered mountain that sits, somewhat incongruously on the equator. Sample the local food - the freshly made msi ya moa (sugarcane juice) is a treat on a hot day. But above all, give yourself time. Tanzania should be done at the pace of the Tanzanians. 'Pole pole' as they would say in the local Swahili. This is not the type of country to blow through in a week, certainly not if you want to sample all the delights that it has to offer.

Do it island style

We all know that sea levels are slowly rising. It is not a good situation at all. Many beautiful islands are threatened with extinction and are leading the fight against global warming with their proactive green travel experiences. These islands should be visited and enjoyed now, because the truth is, they may not be there in a generation's time.

When it comes to picking your tropical island of choice, there are plenty of great options. The Caribbean is a good start, Hawaii has a lot to offer or you could plump for the myriad options offered by the Indian Ocean: Mauritius, Zanzibar, The Seychelles or Maldives.

All these nations offer great beach vacations. Private islands, snorkeling, water sports and paradise. One venue, You and me by Coccoon , has even gone and future-proofed itself by building underwater facilities. It is in the wonderful Maldives and it truly is like holidaying inside an aquarium.

Get off the beaten track

If you are really looking to get away from it all how about a trip to the remote Easter Islands. Part of Chile these islands are famed for their ancient statues and architecture. The statues which number as many as 900 are known as moai. They were carved out of rock by the locals, some more than seven centuries previously. This is truly a place that feels forgotten by time. Regarded as the most remote inhabited place on earth, these islands are far away from everything. They officially a part of Chile but that doesn’t mean much, the South American mainland is still almost 4000km away. If you are looking to experience a destination that most others will never see, this is a great option.