We took 3 comedians on a  5-Star Safari…no script – and placed them in situations over a 36 Hour Period…just to see what would happen.

This will be the funniest travel show on the planet promoting a  strong, sustainability message as being key in the travel  & tourism industry.  

The series will take the viewers on an incredible journey to exceptional destinations all around the globe that are adopting sustainable business practises as well as offering Unique and Out of this world X factor experiences. The show will be hosted by three comedians  - Nik Rabinowitz, Mark Banks and Sne Dladla, giving hilarious and insightful commentary and banter as they visit some of the worlds’ most beautiful locations and experience the various Missions on offer e.g. Night diving with sharks in South Africa, Game walks in the wild in Zambia, Flyboarding in tropical waters of the Maldives, Interacting with Pandas in China, Running with the Masaai in Kenya etc.